Overcoming Fears That Hold Back Your Job Search

Overcoming Fears that Hold Back Your Job Search Feature PRF 3

Have you ever found yourself looking at the perfect job listing, thought about it for days or even weeks, and yet been unable to put in an application? If so, then you’re not alone. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or are happy in your current role, every now and then an opportunity pops up that promises everything you ever wanted – but still, you can’t bring yourself to take the leap and apply.


For many jobseekers, fear is the ultimate obstacle preventing them from taking the next step in their career. But what’s behind these anxieties and what can you do to overcome them and apply for a job? In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most common issues and what you can do to stop them from affecting your ability to apply for a new job.

The Fear That You’re Not Good Enough

This is the most common fear that stops people from applying for a new job and is one that affects everyone, no matter their profession or experience level. Some people lack the self-belief that they need to apply for a job they would be good for. You may even try to convince yourself that you’re not good enough for this. After all, if you know you’re not good enough to get the job, why even try?


Because you don’t actually know you’re not good enough – you’re just afraid that you aren’t. In fact, most people are quite bad at assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Imposter syndrome (that feeling that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve to be in the position you’re in) is both real, powerful, and often totally unwarranted.


Some of the world’s most successful people struggle with these same feelings every day. If you can overcome that voice of doubt, you’ll be surprised to learn that you had nothing to fear in the first place.

The Fear of Change

Changing jobs is a stressful experience, no matter when or how it comes. Saying goodbye to old colleagues and routines and stepping into an unfamiliar environment with new people and fresh responsibilities can be overwhelming and is enough to make anyone hesitate before applying for work.


However, although it might be challenging to go through these changes again, that is not enough of a reason to stop you from pursuing an incredible opportunity. Everything in life is going to involve change, whether it’s moving countries, getting married or starting a family – compared to these, a new job seems straightforward!


Whatever you choose to do, your life will change in some way, and usually for the better. Besides, it’s just a job application – what’s the worst that can happen?

The Fear of Not Knowing the Industry

Once they start their career most people tend to stick with their industry or niche for several years, becoming more familiar with it and gaining knowledge as they gain experience. This is true for lawyers, accountants, journalists and more – talk to any professional and they’ll no doubt have an industry they specialise in.


While it can be beneficial to stay in one industry for an extended period, it can also make you feel unqualified to step outside of what you know and take on a new experience in a different industry. This is a natural response to have but you shouldn’t let it stop you from trying to advance in your career.


It may seem safer to stick with what you know but making a change and diving into a new industry will help you grow in your profession and develop new skills, knowledge and contacts. You might think you don’t know the industry but nobody ever does until they’re in it – even those who are experts in their field.


Every job involves learning something new: trusting that you have the skills and the passion to help you find your way will help.

The Fear of Failure

All these various worries feed into one thing that stops far too many people from taking the risk of applying for a new job: the fear of failure. Whether you’re worried that you aren’t skilled enough, don’t know enough, or you will just find it too hard, in the end, everyone is scared to fail.


So what’s the easiest way to avoid failing? You can’t. Failure is a part of the building blocks of success. Failure is normal and it’s going to teach you more than anything else – but as long as you’re learning where you’ve gone wrong, you can take steps and do better next time.


If your only goal is to never fail then you will never give yourself the chance to succeed. Nobody can hope to avoid failure forever, so why not embrace the possibility, accept it, and take a chance anyway? Being scared of applying for work could be holding you back from a dream job and a future you have always envisioned.


Fear takes many forms, and each must be understood before it can be overcome. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of and what you can do to move beyond it – the answer is usually to persevere.


If your fears are holding you back in your search for a job, it might be worth finding someone to help you make the most of your opportunities. YourResourcing is one of Queensland’s leading recruitment agencies and can help you move beyond your fears and make the career change you’ve always wanted.


With offices in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, our team can help connect you with some of Queensland’s leading employers. For more information about what we can do, get in touch with one of the team today.


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