Call Centre Recruitment Trends 2023

Call Centre Recruitment Trends 2023

Despite technology’s rapid advances, customers will always be at the centre of a company’s success. Their loyalty to a brand is hinged on the quality of their experience. As such, the need to deliver a standout customer experience is the key driver of all call centre trends taking centre stage in Australia and around the world in 2023.


These trends dictate which call centre jobs are being filled and, to that end, who Call Centre Managers are targeting in their recruitment campaigns.


This article discusses these trends and how they should influence your call centre hiring strategy this year.

Humans to Connect with Humans

Every call centre needs a frontline of great people; a team of representatives who can listen and empathise, have excellent communication skills and can handle a customer’s needs effectively and efficiently.


According to a 2019 global customer service insights report, connecting with a call centre human via phone is the preferred method of contact for 62% of people.


Recruiting a frontline of well-trained and experienced call centre professionals will be integral in building customer retention and ensuring brand loyalty in 2023.

Tool Builders and Content Creators

Unresolved issues or time lost attempting to resolve issues are costly. According to the team at Qualtrics, 55% of consumer issues go unresolved. That’s a lot of wasted resources and a lot of unsupported customers. In this current climate, where people are mindful of how and where they spend their money, ensuring customer loyalty is paramount.


Live engagement tools like video chat and co-browsing help your reps to diagnose and resolve issues in real time. In conjunction with these tools, arming your customers with resources like video tutorials, FAQs, webchats and infographics helps them address their issues independently. This saves time, reduces the demand on centre resources and empowers the consumer.


In both cases, an arsenal of effective tools supports a positive customer experience and increases your centre’s productivity. Recruiting a team of qualified and experienced tech wizards and Content Creators will ensure your company is equipped with the tools that support an efficient resolution process.

Omnichannel Strategy Experts

In this modern era, your customers are everywhere. They want to communicate across a range of channels. According to a global report by Salesforce, 78 percent of customers use more than one channel to start or complete a transaction. What’s more, they expect these channels to be immediately responsive.


The key to an effective omnichannel is that it’s designed with your customer’s journey in mind. The user experience must feel personalised. Anything generic and your customers could end up feeling disconnected from your brand.


Your omnichannel should:

  • Improve CX and increase brand loyalty
  • Unify customer communications
  • Standardise service delivery
  • Support an efficient resolution process


In 2023, it’s your company’s job to be where your customers are when they need you. Acquire an expert to implement a standout omnichannel communication strategy, and your company will enjoy its share of the benefits mentioned above.

Reliance on Data Analysts

Your data helps build a picture of your customer’s needs and expectations. It shines a light on any weak spots and is your ticket to success.


A 2019 Genesys report revealed that more than 86% of SMBs in the Asia-Pacific region had little to no integration between channels to capture and manage customer data. However, all respondents were on track to be partially or fully integrated by 2021/2022.


If growth is in your plan for 2023, then recruiting Data Experts must be too.

AI Wizards

AI is the future in terms of increasing call centre productivity. With up-to-the-minute and tailored AI you can identify customer trends more readily and use them to achieve an optimal customer experience and support executive strategy.


Equally, by using algorithms to detect patterns and predict consumer behaviour, you can pivot to meet their needs in what will appear as a seamless response.


AI technology is a critical investment for any call centre operating in today’s market. To make the most of it, recruit those who can unlock its value.


Marrying your human and tech resources to achieve the perfect balance between building human connections and efficiently resolving issues is your ticket to success in 2023. But it will be your call centre recruitment strategy that will lock everything into place.


At YourResourcing we offer specialised recruitment specific to the Call Centre industry. Do you need some advice to support your next hiring campaign? If so, our team of qualified experts is already looking forward to your call. Contact us today.


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Call Centre Recruitment Trends 2023
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Call Centre Recruitment Trends 2023

Despite technology’s rapid advances, customers will always be at the centre of a company’s success. Their loyalty to a brand is hinged on the quality of their experience. As such, the need to deliver a standout customer experience is the key driver of all call centre trends taking centre stage in Australia and around the world in 2023.   These

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