Labour Hire?

Safety Prestart Checklist

  • Planning and Safety

  • As host employer do you have a safety plan that clearly identifies objectives (e.g. to eliminate injuries caused hazards and risks identified on site) relating to your industry/business?
  • As host employer do you have a Safe Work Method Statement that reflects the way in which jobs to be done safely. Our placement is required to sign acceptance of SWMS before commencing work.
  • Implementation of Health and Safety

  • As host employer do workers complete a Site Specific Induction?
  • Do you maintain a physical record of the Site Specific Induction and copies of General Induction Card and relevant High Risk Licenses required ?
  • Please advise minimum PPE Standards for your site

  • As a host employer do you ensure incidents are reported, investigated and actions taken to prevent a recurrence, and are followed up by completing Incident and injury reports and completing an incident investigation
  • Is there a process to involve workers in workplace health and safety issues (e.g. consultations/toolbox meetings with two-way flow of information/WHS committee meetings)?
  • As a host employer do you have emergency procedures for the workplace that reflect the types of emergencies they could encounter?
  • As a host employer, have the workers been trained in what to do in an emergency?
  • Are periodic checks made to ensure emergency exists are well signposted, easily opened and clear of obstacles?
  • Do workers have access to adequate first aid facilities, such as first aid kits and wash stations and first aid officer on site
  • As a host employer do you have a process to report work related Incidents/ injuries or illness to Your Trades Specialist Consultant?